Custom Sailing Tours with SV GNOSES

Custom Adventures

Tell us your criteria and we'll design a trip for you. 

For 2022 we have space in May; we are booked for the rest of the year.

Experience living on the sea. Spend the days in exploration of Haida village sites, coves, shorelines at low tide or inland walks to lakes and views. Spend the nights aboard in comfort. There are 2 small-boat bunks and a forward "V" berth. There are comfortable bunks aboard for 4 guests, more if small children can share—we have a large forward berth.

We use kayaks to get ashore: paddle close to shorelines and explore where the sailboat can't, then climb back aboard to eat and sleep. Sail on to more adventure and another kayaking destination the next day.

Prices for these trips vary; an example is 4 people for 8 days, discovering Gwaii Haanas Park and Marine Protected Area: $9,800.00 plus tax. Prices will rise or lower depending on your requirements and expectations. Also, we have to charge additional Parks Canada entry fees, which for 2022, are $125.50 per adult for a season's pass (seniors $104.50, under 17 years old goes for free).

All tours include meals, mostly organic when possible (we make an exception for the dietary restricted, when we ask you bring your own).

Trip dates and trip lengths are flexible, more so the earlier in the season you book. Custom Adventures take priority over the scheduled, until they are booked.

Share in the planning; work on the details of where and when, together. Tell us your preferences and we'll do our best to arrange the trip to suit the conditions. The best trips are based on outlines of your collected preferences; daily destinations come to be made opportunistically, weather, tide and whim dependent.

There is always something to do and see.


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Sorry. Hawaii sailing trips are no longer offered due to changes in international regulatory and security regimes.

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